Week one is done!!!

Just like that week one of the Let’s Go Trivia winter league is behind us! Wow! What a week!

Some veteran teams fell short on the wager question and new teams came surging forward and laid down the proverbial trivia gauntlet!

Week two begins next week….it’s not too late to jump in….teams can jump in as late as week 4!

We welcomed two new trivia locations to our stable this week; Lucy’s in Pleasantville in Westchester County, and Sheeran’s restaurant in Stony Point in Rockland County! Thank you for joining in….we will see you all next week and as always….Let’s Go Trivia!!!

(Not Your Grandma’s) Bingo is adding new locations monthly…Juan Murphy’s in Poughkeepsie and County Fare in Wappingers both debuted last night with tremendous success.

If you have not played (Not Your Grandma’s) Bingo, or you would like to host it in your establishment….get in touch with us!!

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