New locations and back to normal!!


The snow has stopped (for now!) and this week is number 6 of the Let’s Go Trivia Winter League. Let’s Go Trivia returns to all of our locations and we also have two new locations starting this week.

Bareburger down in Harbor Point in Stamford starts trivia this Tuesday January 9th at 7pm. Bareburger is an amazing restaurant specializing in organic, all-natural ingredients. Let’s Go Trivia has had their burger and can describe it in one word; outstanding!!

Thursday January 11th sees Bradford’s in Stamford beginning life with (Not Your Grandma’s) Bingo. If you have never played (Not Your Grandma’s) Bingo, then come on down to Bradford’s at 7pm (upstairs lounge) and play this fun, pop culture game of (Not Your Grandma’s) Bingo. The hosts gives blatant hints to words on your bingo card and players yell out the words as they go along…this is not boring old numbers bingo…… because this is (Not Your Grandma’s) Bingo!

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