Week 10 has been reschedule for…..

Because of bad weather on week 10, some locations understandably cancelled trivia.

So, to be fair on those teams at this locations, the final week of league play will be next week to get your team into the finals. The finals will be held on Wednesday February 21st. Your host has announced the locations of your finals for the last few weeks. We have also been posting here on our website and Facebook and Instagram….so pay attention!!

Whistling Willies is not having trivia next week because of valentines day so the two top teams after week 9 are the two teams representing Whistling Willies. Our apologies to any team hoping for one more week of league play. The same goes for Freebird in White Plains.

The locations who will have one more week of league play are;

Sheeran’s in Stony Point

Gordo’s in Hawthorne

The Huddle in Sleepy Hollow

We hope to see you all there and always remember to Let’s Go Trivia!!




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