Let’s Go Trivia protocol regarding cancellations

Dear Valued Trivia players and teams,

Let’s Go Trivia is a service which relies upon our amazing restaurant clients to run our company.

We await word on whether trivia goes ahead or not in the current environment.

Please take the “No news, is good news” approach, as far as cancellations of trivia at your weekly spot.

We will only make an announcement if a trivia has been cancelled at any bar or restaurant.

We understand that the current mood has people on edge.

America is built on small businesses, and our country will bounce back from this uncertainty.

Small businesses have to keep their doors opened to pay bills and support families etc, both owners and staff alike.

If you are like us, and wish to continue playing trivia, then we are here for you. If you choose to give it a break until the proverbial dust settles, that’s understandable…but we will miss you.

Either way, thank you to all the restaurants and their staff, to you the teams and to our amazing hosts who rock it out every single week!

Hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Be well,

Your Let’s Go Trivia team!!


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