Let’s Go Trivia League Rules

Read our rules! For any questions, you can refer to our FAQs or reach out to us at info@letsgotrivia.com

  • Players answer the questions through their phone/tablet. The trivia host will provide the game log in information.
  • There are 50 questions per game, typically divided into five rounds of ten questions.
  • Teams must have played a minimum of 7 weeks of league play to qualify for the finals.
  • The winning prizes vary from location to location. Ask your trivia host or restaurant staff.
  • If there is a tiebreaker for the overall win, we will decide the winner with a tie breaking question.
  • There are no trick questions.
  • Players points on each team are averaged…they are not accumulated. Teams can have as many players as they like for this reason.
  • Players must be present in the restaurant/bar/brewery on game night in order for their score to be counted. Players playing the game who are not present will be removed and their score will not be counted.
  • Each individual player must only answer questions on one device. Any individual player answering questions on multiple devices will have the score for those devices cancelled for the game.
  • Each individual restaurant may have their own policy regarding the number of players sitting together. Please contact the restaurant for questions regarding this.
  • Once league play has started you cannot change your team name and keep all of your points earned so far. If you decide to use a different team name at any point during the league, we will not transfer your points to the new team name. Team names can only be changed during the 3 “prelim” weeks, and their prelim points will be kept.
  • Once league play has started your team’s points will only count at the venue in which you play Let’s Go Trivia. We will not transfer points from location to location. The only exceptions are if the venue where you play either closes down/ceases doing trivia.
  • After the 10 weeks of league play have ended, the three top teams at each location will make it into the Grand Finals.
  • The three weeks between the end of a season and the beginning of the next season, are known as “prelim weeks”.
  • Once a trivia night has ended and the winner has been announced, points can not, and will not be retroactively added/subtracted from a teams scores regardless of what google/Wikipedia/website/your expert friend says.
  • The Let’s Go Trivia host does not write the questions. If you have an inquiry about a question or answer or the scores, please email info@letsgotrivia.com
  • Let’s Go Trivia is not responsible for your WiFi/cell phone signal. Obviously.