Let’s Go Trivia League Play Rules

– Teams must have played a minimum of 7 weeks of league play to qualify for the finals.

– If your team qualifies to play in the grand final, and your teams attends the grand final, there is a $100 cash entry fee per team, payable on the night. You do not pay in advance.

– There are five rounds with ten questions per round.

– 1 Point for every correct answer. Rounds 1 through 4 have one bonus question worth 5 points

– The prize format varies at each location. Some restaurants award round winning prizes, and some award prizes for the overall winners in 1st., 2nd. and 3rd. place. Let’s Go Trivia has no say in what the prizes awarded are.

– If there is a TWO TEAM tie breaker after any round from one through four, we will decide the winner with a game of Rock em Sock em. The winning team of rock em sock em, gets one extra point. If there are more than two teams who tie on rounds one through four, we do not have a tie breaker, we just keep playing.

– If there is a tie breaker for the overall win, we will decide the winner with a tie breaking question.

– The final question on Round 5 is the Let’s Go Wager question where, before round 5 begins, your team can wager from one to fifteen points on that final question. Your team must have at least 15 points, in order to wager 15 points. If your team has less than 15 points beginning round 5, you can only wager what you have.

– The maximum number of players per team varies from location due to venue size. The host will announce at the beginning of every Let’s Go Trivia what the maximum number is per team at the location. We ask that you split into separate teams if your group exceeds the number for this location. You may sit together, but you must play as separate teams. The maximum number may change without notice for various reasons, but will always be announced at the beginning of trivia.

– No cell phones, laptops, tablets or devices of any sort on your table during the question part of the round. If any devices are seen by the host or staff, we will not count your points.

– Once league play has started you cannot change your team name and keep all of your points earned so far. If you decide to use a different team name at any point during the league, we will not transfer your points to the new team name. Team names can only be changed during the 3 “prelim” weeks, and their prelim points will be kept.

– Once league play has started your teams points will only count at the venue in which you play Let’s Go Trivia. We will not transfer points from location to location. The only exceptions are if the venue where you play either closes down or ceases doing trivia.

– Do not write down or record the questions in any way. If you do, your points will not be counted.

– There are no trick questions.

– After the 10 weeks of league play has ended, the two top teams at each location will make into the Grand Finals.

– The three weeks between the end of a season and the beginning of the next season, are known as “prelim weeks”. Your team will get 10 points towards league play for every one of those prelim weeks just for playing, and a another 3 points for a win in any of those weeks. Those prelim points will go towards your teams upcoming season score. Your team will only receive 10 prelim points per week for playing, during prelims weeks, regardless of how many times your teams plays on any of those given weeks.

-Once a trivia night has ended and the winner has been announced, points can not, and will not be retroactively added/subtracted from a teams scores regardless of what google/Wikipedia/website/your expert friend says.

– The Let’s Go Trivia host does not write the questions. If you have an inquiry about a question or answer, please email info@letsgotrivia.com

– If you have an inquiry about your scoring, please email scores@letsgotrivia.com