The Winter League Grand Final is being held on…

The 2019/2020 Let’s Go Trivia Winter League Grand Final will be held on Wednesday, February 19th. 2020, at 7pm…at Captain Lawrence Brewery in Elmsford, NY.


The two top teams at each location (three top teams in Rockland locations) will qualify for the Grand Final.

Should your team choose to play, the entrance fee to be paid on the night is $100 CASH PER TEAM………Bring cash, cash, cash only!! (no payment in advance)

The maximum number of players per team at the Grand Final is EIGHT.

There will be a table reserved for each qualifying team.

For teams who play weekly at Captain Lawrence, we will have a second trivia happening in the beer hall.

The night of the grand final is also the second week of the three prelim weeks.

Grand Final participating teams will receive their prelim points, even though they are playing at Captain Lawrence, and those points will be allocated their usual weekly venue.

Make sense? Great!



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